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Why GMP Matters To An Athlete

By April 29, 2015Education

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are the practices employed to control the quality of healthcare products and are overseen by regulatory agencies, such as the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). GMP guidelines provide guidance for manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance in order to ensure that a product reaches the consumer in a state for its intended use. GMP applies to the entire manufacturing process, beginning with incoming raw materials and components, warehousing and handling, physical production of the product, testing, packaging, labeling, and distribution. Control of quality requires separate, but interrelated functions: Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Quality Assurance is proactive and entails the systematic analysis of each process and pre-plans how every activity will be undertaken to assure the outcome will be as expected. Quality Assurance creates and documents the instructions for what will be done; Quality Control provides the verification that it has been done. Quality must be built into the product from the beginning, and GMP is an essential part of ensuring product quality.

The natural products industry is not governed by GMP standards, so many natural products are not made in GMP-compliant facilities. However, TUFMED products are manufactured in a GMP-compliant facility to ensure that our products are safe and of the highest quality. This kind of self-imposed high-level standard is core to the TUFMED way of doing business. We don’t need to be told it’s the right thing to do in order to do it. That’s our promise to you.

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