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Damaged Hand Care for Athletes

By August 29, 2015Education

Any athlete in any sport can relate to the “touch” of their game. Whether it’s the gentle touch needed for a putt on a slippery green, soft handed sets in Beach Volleyball or the raw power of a punch thrown by a heavyweight fighter. Every game has its different feel, and every sport and has its hazards that can hinder that feel. Just ask any CrossFit athlete and they’ll gladly show off their battered hands.

Any athlete can relate to blisters and tears from repetition in training and there are three common mistakes we see made when treating one’s hands:

Removing calluses – Perhaps the biggest mistake is shaving or sanding one’s calluses off. The body creates calluses to protect areas of skin that receive hard use. When you remove those calluses you remove your body’s defenses. Keeping calluses moisturized is vital to athletic hand care.

Failing to moisturize – dry, cracked hands are more likely to tear than moist, conditioned ones. Thick calluses are especially prone to tearing when they are dry and neglected. Daily application of a petroleum-free moisturizer like TUFHANDS can help preclude unnecessary tears.

Doing nothing – Simply put, if you’re an athlete who relies on his/her hands and you take your training seriously you need to care for your hands. Showing off rips and blisters may impress a few people, but your performance will suffer for it.

We formulated TUFHANDS as a non-slip repair and conditioning cream specifically for athletes who are hard on their hands. If you’ve never used TUFHANDS we are certain you’ve never experienced anything like this. Contact us here to get a free sample today.

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